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CGI-Quality said:
Barkley said:

But Horizon's probably at 6m+ already...

"A good example of that is the break down of sales for PS4’s Horizon Zero Dawn. As of April 30, more than 3.4 million copies of the game have been sold. Of those 915,000 were digital sales, according to PlayStation."

With VGC figures even if we assume it sold zero digital copies since the 915k figure was released it's at 5.2m as of December 2nd.

If that's true, then I would raise my GOW figures, because it will still sell more. 

That is true. Its an official statement from Sony.

Dr.Vita said:
Ka-pi96 said:

You sure? VGC is telling me it sold 5.61m

Game Console Publisher Total Sales
God of War III
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Sony Computer Entertainment 4.81m
God of War III Remastered Sony Computer Entertainment 0.78m
God of War III Remastered Sony Computer Entertainment America 0.02m

And that would include double dipping on the remaster too, something that Uncharted 3 didn't have, so it's really not comparable. I can't see it selling 10m+ It wouldn't surprise me if it didn't even do 5m.

I included God of War Saga sales (which is God of War 1/2/3). 
But I didn't realize there was a second God of War 3 Remastered SKU on PS4 (that one with 0.02M). This would put it at 6.50M. 

God of War 3 sold around 6m on PS3 alone and has featured several times on PS Store's top sellers on PS4. Its likely above 7.5m now.

CGI-Quality said:
IkePoR said:

Interest in GoW as a HnS has waned

Eh, I don't think the release of Ascension was enough to prove that (provided that's what you're basing that idea on). Had God of War PS4 been God of War III, but for the new gen, I think it would still sell a good 4m or so (which is fine for a God of War title). 

In this case, adding a few features to spice things up will result in more sales, but God of War would have had HUGE buzz regardless.

I don't see where you're getting at here, a remake of GOW 3? If you're talking about a new game with GOW 3's scale that wasn't possible with the story.

Xen said:
RolStoppable said:
Sure, why not. Plenty of bundles can do that. It worked for Uncharted 4.

Yup. That.

GOW isn't Uncharted, it never gets massively bundled.