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TalonMan said:
super_etecoon said:

Exactly.  It's still subject to flaws with self reporting, but at least it gives people an opportunity be a bit more specific.  At this point in the poll knowing that PS4 and XBoxOne owners aren't going to buy Labo doesn't really help us guage the interest for the average Nintendo fan.  I can tell you're on the right page and I'm looking forward to future Polls of the Week.

I got ya, now...   ...and yeah, "self reporting" is impossible to control but you would hope a Sony person who has zero interest in ever even buying a Switch, would avoid a poll about Labo.


Anyway - it was the very first poll of a resurrected feature, and all I had asked of Raven was to just make a simple "Labo = Yes/No" poll to kick us off. I'm sure they'll have better ones in the future. :)

Yeah...that's just not going to happen.  The hate for Labo is so high that the opportunity to add to a negative reaction for the game/peripheral product is too appealing. The real trick is to create an option that gives them the opportunity to pick a more attractive "other" response that they can't help but choose.  For instance: Heck no; PS4 for life!

Again, I'm not complaining or mocking or trying in any way to disparage the poll.  Just that there's an art form to getting pure results that I hope the pollsters strive for.  If for no other reason than great polls are fun to read and create interesting conversation.