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Capcom starting 2018 with a bang. So happy with these reviews, can't wait to pick mine up tommorow night. Hope the range stays in the 90s. Will update whenever I wake up.


KazumaKiryu said:

Yeah ! Dragon Ball Fighter Z and Monster Hunter World have received the best ratings of all DBZ / MH games worldwide now. impressive for the fans and newcomer, good times :) Here a great info: limited Monster Hunter World PS4 Pro Bundle Coming to the West! It is very limited, fans should be fast :)

"exclusive partnership with GameStop to put out a limited edition PlayStation 4 Pro bundle made for the game that will be available in the US, Canada, and Europe at launch. Obviously, with the Monster Hunter World PS4 Pro package being a limited edition bundle, it will draw the attention of many diehard fans of the franchise who are intent on collecting everything related to the series. As seen in the image directly below, Monster Hunter World fans can get a look at the limited edition PS4 Pro console’s design, as well as the accompanying controller that bears illustrations inspired by the game. This particular PS4 Pro bundle is being dubbed the Rathalos edition, as it features the likeness of the Rathalos enemy on the top of the system in an understated grey with red highlights. Plus, the top of the console also features MHW‘s logo in gold, while the front is embellished with five different gold symbols". By Gamerant.com

Yes, I'm going to have to buy DBF also, poor wallet.