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SegataSanshiro said:

No it's an 8th gen system. 

*Facepalm* I never said it wasn't an 8th gen system.

SegataSanshiro said:

Dreamcast launched a year before the comepition and so did 360.  Famicom launched before Sega Master System and PCE launched before Genesis but all of these were still part of the generation their compeition launched in a year or so later.

What does that have to do with the price of eggs in  China?

SegataSanshiro said:

 Power is irrelvant. It was an 8th gen system and only you lump it with 7th gen.

Power is relevant. I recognize the system is an 8th gen machine. I also recognize it's hardware is derived and similar to those of the 7th gen.

SegataSanshiro said:

You're wrong and don't bring it up again in this topic as it's derailing.

I'm not though. You just misinterpreted my statements and went on a tangent.

A console of the same era, doesn't equate to a console generation.