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I've preordered everything, including the dumb customisation kit. People who complain that it's a bunch of shallow mini-games at an inflated price are likely to be proved right - I don't have illusions about it - but I'm not bothered about it being made out of cardboard at all.

I had to throw out my old Rock Band instruments the other day: well-built plastic that's been gathering dust and taking up space for years. I've already got a keyboard: I don't need another one that runs (badly) off a Nintendo Switch, so I'll get this, have the fun of building it and fooling around with it, then when I come to throw it away it will not have cost me much and it will be recyclable. You'd have to pay me to give houseroom to a dodgy RC car that barely moves: this one I'll play with for half an hour, think 'huh, that works' and it can be out of my house next rubbish collection. What you're buying with these things is not the 'peripheral' but the experience of seeing the thing spring to life.

Depending on how much replacement cardboard kits cost, I could see the actual cartridge having decent resale value. I'll probably pass mine along to my nephew with a new set of cardboard because he's of an age to get more fun out of it.