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LimaBean01 said:
Miyamotoo said:

Why!?  Is it really hard to except this is for kids/parents and that will be quite popular among them!?

I dont think this are buying more hardcore Nintendo fans, but parents definitely. And no, Lobo is not crap. :)


GribbleGrunger said:

What are you talking about? Labo looks absolutely inspired. 


Mbolibombo said:

Just because it's not appealing to you, doesnt make it crap. This is for kids. Assuming that's you in the picture, you are not the group they are aiming for.

Secondly, surely you have not tested it yet and wouldnt know if it's crap or not.


ironmanDX said:

It's actually quite unique thinking. It's just not aimed at our demographic and doesn't appeal to us and that's ok. That doesn't make it absolutely...  absolutly crap.

I'm not buying it, that's for sure. Though, this makes me feel like the Switch is truly the successor of the Wii.

Guys, that user has a history of posting blatantly anti - Nintendo (and pro-Sony) things and generally trolling Nintendo fans. It’s getting tiring but Iran not worth arguing back :/

FloatingWaffles said:

How are you going to try to say this about Nintendo fans considering your history of constantly praising Sony no matter what and trying to downplay everything else? The same could easily be said about you then. 

I've noticed you doing this in plenty of Nintendo threads or Nintendo-related news for a while now. You will try to bring up the PS4 in discussions where it literally has no place, seemingly because you feel insecure about something possibly doing better than it i'm guessing. You will try to make excuses for it, such as the one where you tried to say Switch somehow wasn't a home console all of a sudden. It's like any Nintendo news you just can't help but try to bring up the PS4 to try to downplay it somehow, and in this case now you're calling them fanboys who blindly worship Nintendo stuff just because you don't like a new thing for it.





Those were just a few I could find btw, i'm sure if I kept looking I could find more. 

All i'm saying is don't be a hypocrite, you're just as guilty of doing for Sony what you're accusing Nintendo fans of doing for Nintendo. Don't try to call them fanboys when they could easily say the same about you. This isn't me insulting you either, just calling a spade a spade since it's very hypocritical of you and i've noticed this before with plenty of your past and current posts.

Was gonna postbox something like this, thanks for bringing the receipts :p


Can't believe I sent this guy a friend request.

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