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FloatingWaffles said:
Oh wow, that's a really creative and cool concept. I was not expecting that at all, though to be fair nobody really had any idea what to expect.

What i'm more curious about is how Kimishima thinks this will help Switch sell the 20 million units they want to sell in 2018, I guess it depends on how well they have executed the idea when it releases.

It doesn't. I think Nintendo didn't show us half of what the Switch is capable of. There will come more.

What gets me is how precisely they pinpointed their target customers. They said beforehand it's for kids or kids at heart, and every parent in this thread says his kids are excited. This gives me the chills. Nintendo knows exactly what they're doing.

This all falls together. This concept was already ready and made up before the launch. It is now clear, that the design of HD Rumble and the IR-sensor are made for this. This is nothing that Nintendo made up after they finalized the Switch.

And it shows more and more the plan Nintendo has. In the beginning I thought Nintendo called this thing Switch, because you can switch between home console and mobile device. But it was already dawning on me, that the Joycons are the real deal why they chose this name. I realized at some point, that the Joycons are Wiimotes, that can be assembled into a classical controller. The problem with Wii was, that it had no classical controller in the pack. You could get one, but it didn't came right out of the box. That's why many game makers did not implement classical controls. But with different controls you had to change the games. So Wii lost a bit on the classic core gamers. But Switch has a classic controller out of the box - the Joycons can do that. So game makers have no problem in giving their normal games to Switch. But at the same time the Joycons support the Wii-style of playing.

But thinking about it, I realized the rails allowed even more, the Joycons added to other stuff as well. So I think we'll see accessory that allows to attach a Joycon.

But I never thought about this. But it is in the concept of the Joycons. Nintendo had Labo as idea planned at the launch. And they knew exactly who they are targeting.

So I think, the concept of the Switch is switching between playstyles. Classic homeconsole, mobile, Wii-style motion gaming, Labo. I'm pretty confident by now there will be more to revealed later this year. Why I'm so confident? Nintendo knew exactly this targeted kids, but kids aren't bringing sales to 20M. And Nintendo must know that. So they have something else ready.

This Labo-thing might something I never purchase. But it convinces me that Switch might actually outsell the Wii.

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