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Mr.GameCrazy said:
Vincoletto said:
The problem with disney is that for old sw fans the damage is already done. JJ cant undo whats been done on TLJ. I think that if he could be the director and writer of ep 9 things would be very different. After all he is a sw fan. Of course he can make a good movie with ep9 but it will be very difficult.
But hey, if it has a lot of explosions, plotholes, sjw dominance probably the critics will love and make another 1 billion on screens.

JJ Abrams is the director of Episode IX. He is co-writing it with Chris Terrio. 

Yes, but my point is... the damage is already done... he needs to pick up after the events and characters of ep 8. Rose will be there, the Jedi will need to keep being wizards of the space with unilimited powers, luke is dead, Leia is alive, snoke is dead, the jedi girl has already done her trainning, the rebels are just 8 people. Of course, in my point of view. I know you enjoyed the movie.