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Puppyroach said:
LadyJasmine said:
The issue is not the kid, its is how easily the media turned this into an international stroy without any fact checking to push islamaphobia narrative ^^^

You are referencing an article that clearly states that police confirms that the attack did not happen, so I don´t get the issue? Yes, media outlets should always be cautious about all storys they get, and report if the news are incorrect. 

And using the term "Fake news" - this is a soundbite term mostly used by an orange president to knock down on every news he does not like, independent of its correctness. Can we just skip using such a simplistic term promoted by a reality star?

First of all, it was the news or Hillary that first start using that term. I think that it was right after the election when they tried to say trump won because of "fake news" being circulated on facebook. A lot of the right thought that the term was ironic. The news doesn't like the term so much now.

The issue is that the story became international news overnight without them checking into it. They're too invested in this little war of theirs and it's making them look stupid.