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zorg1000 said:
GhaudePhaede010 said:

The real question here is, what in the world makes you think it would have sold more without the 3D? No iterative update Nintendo has ever released sold better than its predecessor. I do not think 3DS would have sold much better without 3D. It was not as good a product as DS with or without 3D. 

I didnt say it would.

He said, "anyone that thinks that the 3DS sold 70+ millions "in spite" of its 3D has no idea what  he's talking about."


To me that implies that 3D was a major selling point of 3DS and sales would have been much lower without it hence why i asked him that question.

It implies that 3D had nothing to do with the problems 3DS faced in its first year, and once that it had the software to sell it and an adequate price point is started selling great. If the hardware is undesirable, no ammount of good software and/or offers could help with that, see Wii U as an example. 


Looking at last week's Media Create numbers, for all its new models and cheaper price, the New 2DS isn't exactly destroying the 3DS sku in sales in Japan.