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The Fury said:
fuallmofus said:
This sounds too good to be true. Its like more stuff to do. More Weapons to fight, a combat system that combines functions from Star Ocean and FF12. All cities from original to explore and now those are even bigger.
The only bad thing is that it splitted to 3 parts. Its like Starcraft 2, when the last episode came nobody cared anymore.

SquEnix and some fans now seem to claim FF13 and it's 2 sequels was meant to be 1 long story. Obviously not the case as that story was finished if not half arsed. It may have the same effect on sales however here. FF13 sold millions on expectation. FF13-2 and 3 together didn't sell as many as FF13 did. Which means more than 50% of people that purchased 13 didn't play it's sequels to 'complete the story'. People buy the first expecting certain things, get disappointed and don't by the follow up games but those people will be willing to buy FF16, 17, 18 etc. They are interested in the new entries not the sequels to iterations.

Im one of those ppl who skipped 13-2 and -3. I tought 13 was utter garbage. Stupid as i was, got hyped from the trailer from E3 2005. Didnt like anything from the final product except graphics. With huge fallings from sales Squenix put less effort into 13-3 wich resultet in very bad graphics and shorter game.  

I really hope they wont repeat that with FF7 remake.