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ironmanDX said:

Still hoping for a 7-2. I don't think the story is finished. Advent children was.... Advent children.

According to the original story and the extra ending. The planet chose something else. The sequels, Advent Children and Dirge changed much of what I liked about the ending. FF sequels only ever ruin a good story but 'adding' to a supposedly self contained story.

FF games shouldn't ever get sequels (or spin offs). SquEnix should always just make another entry, those games sell well, those games are wanted.

Ka-pi96 said:
If true then the battle system isn't as bad as I had feared. Would still need a wait/pause option for me, but it might actually be playable.

Indeed, but with FF15 and this, you might as well consider FF gameplay of 3-9 dead. They have no interest in making it in a mainline title anymore. They could but they aren't for some reason. They think they need to update it's gameplay format when it was it's very gameplay format that made it popular in the first place.

Hmm, pie.