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peachbuggy said:
DonFerrari said:

PS4 reaching 35M in USA would already be quite good, but yes Switch outselling PS4 in USA is possible outcome.

So do you think stores tried to have less profits by not giving Nintendo shelf space? Odd.

I laughed a lot at this =]

Companies can't publically lie like that... They may as much narrow the point to its most favorable portion.

And in UK Fifa18 marketshare for Switch was 1%, so Switch will be a flop?

No man, PS4 is not only winning in Europe, it also wins on RotW, in case you may not remember they still count.

Case in point, PS4 reached 10M 1 week faster than Switch.

Yes it is indeed odd and i have no idea why they did it. So my only explanation was there could be some backhand "murky" deals going on.

It is also possible that for the stores around where you go, the sales for Nintendo is lower than in other regions.

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