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DonFerrari said:
Ryng_Tolu said:

I bought the Zombie U bundle at 390€ back in 2012 in Europe, i thought the price was similar to that in USA, my bad.

But yeah, i don't see PS4 selling 40 million in USA. The 35 million range looks more likely, even with a 2020 release. Current PS4 sales are a bit over 23 million, i don't see PS4 almost double that.

For Switch, after almost 5m in 2017, i see at least 2 years in the 7/8m range, and then a steadily drop to 4-6m years.

PS4 reaching 35M in USA would already be quite good, but yes Switch outselling PS4 in USA is possible outcome.

peachbuggy said:

Even in the days the Wii and DS were dominating in the U.K., the stores still had far more shelf space for Ps360. When the 3DS was doing pretty well and the ps4/xbone were out, the older models (Ps360) still had more shelf space than it. I've often thought there was something fishy going on. (Backhanders?) Nintendo really ought to have more presence here, particularly in regards to store shelf space. A dedicated office and proper  sales reps to ensure shelf space would be a start.

So do you think stores tried to have less profits by not giving Nintendo shelf space? Odd.

SpokenTruth said:

I laughed a lot at this =]

Probelas said:

Fake News made up by Nintendo , I really doubt that

Companies can't publically lie like that... They may as much narrow the point to its most favorable portion.

duduspace1 said:

Beware......of the 'Hybrid Effect'. This console is unlike anything you've ever seen Bruv and weird things are happening. For example.....FIFA 18 on the switch sold more than FIFA 18 on the PS4 in Japan this past week according to Famitsu. Don't be too surprised if you see that happen soon in a European country like France in the very near future.

And in UK Fifa18 marketshare for Switch was 1%, so Switch will be a flop?

VideoGameAccountant said:

Quick reply but from reading through the thread, there are two things I want to point out.

Switch's Early Success Means Future Success

The console business is momentum based. Usually, if you get out the door running, you'll have a successful console. Even in situations where the manufacturer turns it around, it's mostly negligible. The 3DS is a good example of that. After a lackluster launch, Nintendo cut the price by $80 which saved the system. Even still, after 7 years it's only sold about 70 million. The GBA sold 80 million despite only getting about 4 years on the market.

Because the Switch is selling so well in Japan and the US, major publishers are going to be rushing to get games on it. We are already seeing this in Japan and it will likely happen very soon in the US. With news that Switch is the fastest selling console, don't be surprised if the next earnings releases from major US publishers mention that they are making games for the Switch.

This is the momentum. A strong selling console builds an install base. The big install base attracts developers who make more games. More games drive the install base. Even though everyone clamors that the Wii didn't have a lot of third party support, it did get a lot of third party games. It was just that developers often treated them as side projects due to "third party games don't sell on Wii." This isn't the case on Switch with DOOM, Skyrim and Sonic Mania (among others) selling well on the Switch. It will get tons of games that will drive the install base. This is the big takeaway that no one is talking about.

Switch Will Outsell PS4 because Europe is not enough

I don't know why people are still claiming PS4 will outsell Switch worldwide? The Switch is outselling the PS4 in Japan (I think it's at around 40-50% of PS4's LTD sales). It's selling faster than the PS4 in the US. Outselling Switch in Europe won't be enough to put PS4 over Switch. The PS4 would have to sell more than Switch there by a greater margin than Switch outsell PS4 in both Japan and the US. It's not going to happen. Look at the 360. It crushed the PS3 in the US but because it couldn't sell in Japan or Europe (outside of the UK), it was outsold by PS3 worldwide. This is the same scenario here. I don't know why people still think PS4 can beat Switch.

No man, PS4 is not only winning in Europe, it also wins on RotW, in case you may not remember they still count.

Case in point, PS4 reached 10M 1 week faster than Switch.

Yes it is indeed odd and i have no idea why they did it. So my only explanation was there could be some backhand "murky" deals going on.



In my opinion the N64 was not just the best console of the 5th gen but, to this day the best console ever created!