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StreaK said:
duduspace1 said:


Or how does that explain the below when the stereotype is that Nintendo guys generally do not play FIFA sports games:


"A FIFA game selling more on Nintendo hardware than Sony may soon become reality in Japan.

According to stats provided by Dengeki Online, FIFA 18 sold 16,006 copies on Nintendo Switch in Japan last week. The huge bump in sales surprised many Japanese commentators as the Switch version has been consistently selling between 2000 to 6000 copies a week.

As of last week, the PS4 version of FIFA 18 has sold 77,892 copies lifetime, while the Switch version moved 64,379 copies. Since the PS4 version has slipped below Dengeki Online’s sales charts from Week 8 (latest week is Week 14), it’s safe to assume FIFA 18 Switch will overtake FIFA 18 PS4 in the weeks to come as long as it continues to maintain its sales momentum."


OMG, do you think I care if a FIFA game sells more in Japan on the switch than the PS4??? Who buys FIFA games there anyway??? Irrelevant. I ONLY care about worldwide numbers. Who freaking cares about individual territories??? If the PS4 would be a total flop in my country but was a total success elsewhere I'd still be playing on it. The PS3 was a European favoured console and to me, was a success over the 360 because of those European numbers. It sold enough in NA and Japan to make the overall worldwide numbers a success.

The point of the post eludes you........I am not really interested in what you care or don't care about. The post is pointing out a data trend that should make you reexamine your claim that only Nintendo fanboys are buying the switch. If a game that typically doesn't do well on Nintendo systems suddenly starts doing so well on the switch as to be selling more than it does on the PS4, that is certain confirmation that those who typically do not buy Nintendo systems are buying the switch. Furthermore, if you see this trend being repeated in Europe (and I suspect this might happen soon in France), it is a sure sign that the switch is selling well to those who typically would not buy it.