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Legend11 said:
naznatips said:

You think that Square is going to break a 20 year trend of no dual platform games, so that you can play it on the 360. You site movie games as the reason (with one of your examples complete BS), and higher attach rates in the countries that it sells (which isn't true at all). I'm sorry, but the only situation I see of KH3 not being on the Wii is if development began more than a year ago. Otherwise, the spinoff will be on the PS3, and the 360 will probably get nothing (they aren't going to sacrifice 1.2 million Japanese sales for the 360 to get the game).

Have you not heard of The Last Remnant, a DUAL platform game for the PS3 and 360? I'm willing to bet the game will sell *a lot* on the 360 and PS3.

*Edit: Oops I guess you meant primary series but I can't understand the logic behind that if they're willing to do ports and remakes of games on just about every platform and also have a multi-platform game in development for the PS3 and 360 and have mentioned that the Unreal 3 engine keeps down costs, that it would be so impossible to believe that they'd make other multi-platform titles. I mean if Capcom is now doing it with their Resident Evil franchise and many many other developers are making multi-platform titles with their major series for the PS3 and 360 why not Square? As for them not breaking traditions, I remember people saying they'd never leave Nintendo's platform (that was right up until the big FF7 shocker was dropped on the public).

 Why the hell would they use UE3 on a KH game? Don't say"TEG GRAFIX" because the Disney demographic in the game doesn't cut it when using UE3. Disney is cartoons not HD.