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bigtakilla said:
Peh said:

I never played Xenosaga nor Xenogears, but hasn't Xenoblade 2 more connection to these games than X does? 

If you never played the first two series how do you know? I would disagree.

You know that you can read about the games on what is called the internet? No need to play it.


So far, the Zohar makes an appearance in xb2 which is called the conduit. In the universe of XC2 that thing is still a mystery and acts as a dimensional gate. Also gives you  the  power of a God by creating a new universe. At least that happened to Klaus in both dimensions, Meyneth (don't remember her human name) and the AI which is Alvis.


According to xenogears wiki:

The Zohar serves as a portal between the Upper Domain of U-DO ("God") and the Lower Domain of the human collective consciousness (Unus Mundus), and could be seen as a "window to contact U-DO/God". The Zohar is described as "a source of infinite energy". It powers Zarathustra, which resets the universe to a blank slate for Eternal Recurrence; therefore, the Zohar is a requirement for Wilhelm to achieve his goal.


It resetted the universe in x1 and x2 or rather destroyed it and also created new ones.


Ontos disappeared in XC2. Rumor says it could be Alvis, or something completely different. Maybe the story DLC will enlighten us on this, or a sequel to XC2 will further build upon that idea. So far, I see more connection to his previous work on this game than the entirety of X.


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