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spemanig said:
bigtakilla said:

If you never played the first two series how do you know? I would disagree.

I mean objectively has more of a connection to the original XC because of the ending, and it connects to Xenosaga more too because of KOS-MOS.

You don't need to have played the first two series to notice how that slants the argument in XC2's favor. Did XCX have literal characters from any game outside of itself? Nods are one thing, but what XC2 has are not nods.

Yeah but that's literally all it has, and no other connection. 1 single character, and no other reference really outside the Zohar which makes an appearance in one form or another in all the games. It is even impossible to be the same Kosmos for reasons I can get into, but figure for those who played they probably know.