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akuma587 said:

I do agree with rocketpig that both formats have yet to takeoff, I just don't see anything that can reinvigorate the HD-DVD campaign.  Even if it is just a war of attrition, Blu-Ray will win since it is already ahead.  With things like the Blockbuster decision happening too, it is HD-DVD's war to lose.

IMO, the only real thing that can push HD-DVD toward a win is price. If they hit $100 players in holiday 2008 while Blu-Ray sits at $200-250, they might be able to pull it off. Maybe even a $200 player this holiday vs. a $350 Blu-Ray player will jump their sales a fair amount.

But, like I said, it's nearly a non-issue. Until the standalone players (for the love of God, don't bring up the PS3 sales anyone, they don't impact much in the long run) start selling in the millions per year, this ain't gonna matter one bit.

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