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StarOcean said:
Mr.GameCrazy said:

Are you saying I'm wrong for liking The Last Jedi? 

That’s what he’s saying. 

Let me tell you something, the Star Wars community is literal cancer. 40 years of lunatics, not fans, absolute lunatics, have led up to the pile of shit you’ll see here. They have no knowledge of film making or movies in general -and if they claim they do they’re lying in order to appear like they have authority to their opinion, they don’t. They’re hypocrites and liars and will do anything to attack any new ideas or stories if it doesn’t align with their expectations. Why? My theory is that they’re mentally handicapped but feel free to come up with whatever else.

The best way to be a Star Wars fan is to avoid other ‘fans’. If they think the original trilogy is this perfect masterpiece of filmmaking, they’re stupid and should be avoided like the plague. The ones that tell you what you can and can’t like, like this asshole, avoid like the plague. If they think all the movies are perfect -avoid them like the plague. General rule, avoid Star Wars fans like the plague. They’re assholes who only like 3 (sometimes only 2) movies about religious space wizards with lazer katanas who fight evil. The rest of the movies that are about religious space wizards with lazer katanas suck -to them. 

They’ll try to debate you about stupid shit too. They’ll bring up books no one in their right mind would read, episodes of cartoons that explain this, or use “plotholes”, “logic”, and some throw away words that involve filmmaking. Rest assure, they have no clue what they’re saying. It’s the equivalent word diarrhea. So if they tell you you’re wrong -well, I mean these are the same people who, for a while, were completely fine with a horse being a rebel fighter, Luke being cloned and the clone being called “Luuuke”, and similar stupid shit; they have no ground to stand on -just tell them you have the high ground.  

Now you know how I feel about Metroid fans.