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Lucas-Rio said:
thismeintiel said:

Yep.  One of the biggest plot holes has to deal with their poor choice of a main plot.  And, as shown in the film, it could have been easily handled in two ways.  One, either you call in another ship to lightspeed directly behind them and blast them or on the other side of them to do a pincer attack.  Or you have a ship lightspeed through them.  Movie over. 

This is why I say it was really just the plot of a TV show, where it would have taken up 15 mins of that show, a believable amount of time for that predicament.  2hrs, which was actually about 18 hrs in movie's time?  Hell no!

That's even more ridiculous since Rose/Finn are leaving the main ship on a tiny spaceship , are doing their whole useless side story on a far away planet, get caught, jailed, escape, and then return on the FO main ship.

During all this time the FO couldn't send one of its numerous ship in front of the rebel main ship they were chasing?

Nobody , even the people who liked this movie can explaint this giant hole.....

Guys, just wanted to point out that this thing you keep calling a plot hole isn't a plot hole. That word doesn't mean what you think it means. Rather, the issue of why the FO didn't take more aggressive action earlier is a "head scratcher."

A plot hole is when something happens in the story that literally makes no physical sense with no explanation. As in, if the story played out in real life and not fiction, then the story literally could not continue from that point. The writer/director divided by zero. A head scratcher is when something should have happened, or a character or characters should have taken more logical action, but didn't.

I'm not defending the film's plot; just merely pointing out the difference between an actual hole and questionable story progression.