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thismeintiel said:

This has absolutely nothing to do with nostalgia. People go back and watch those films almost yearly. They know the flaws in them. They even show them to their kids, who then also fall in love with them, and their story and world, even though they are so old  that MOST movies in their era aren't even given the time of day by those same kids.

No, this movie fails on its own merits, or lack thereof. The points set up in TFA are completely dropped or lead to nothing special, making the movie incredibly mundane/boring, while taking away the hope from people who defended TFA that those unanswered questions would be answered. The humor is out of place and jarring. And that scene that doesn't belong in a SW movie isn't because it's different, but good, it's because it's horribly kid movie generic.

This.  Exactly this is my main issue with these last two films (Well, that and what they did with Luke). 

When I watched TFA I didnt like it that much but I was willing to forgive all of those holes because I thought they were just building up "the mystery" and that all of those questions would be answered in the next film. But nope.

Now I am with the biggest cinematic blue balls of my entire life.