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drkohler said:
Guitarguy said:

Given that the console has been out over a month now and it has been beating the PS4 Pro in pretty much every comparison (not unexpected but still a huge benefit)

Congrats, great way to start a flamewar.

Now, to rain into your parade, here are a few numbers (from an apparently trustworthy resetera source). The X sold 430k in November in NA (making up roughly two thirds of ww sales), the Pro sold 260k in comparison. PS4 sales in NA make up about a third of ww sales, so we can guess ww sales of the Pro at around 780k (probably even higher, as MC reported high sales of Pros in Japanrecently). Solidly BEATING ww sales of the X, even in its launch month. That simple calculation would shoot down your pet theory. Now how's that for starting a flamewar?

You're a moron. He was blatantly talking about game  quality comparisons.....not sales. DUH.


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