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akuma587 said:
rocketpig said:
I love how people claim this war is "over" yet players haven't even dropped below $300, the computer industry hasn't even weighed in on any serious level yet, and burners are barely on the horizon.

This hasn't even started yet. I don't care who wins because I don't plan on investing in either of them any time soon but 2% of the MOVIE market cannot declare a winner, especially when the tech industry, a HUGE mover and shaker in the DVD adoption rate, hasn't even started adopting either format en masse.

Add in other important necessities such as an HDTV requirement to use either format (currently ~20% in the US), the almost COMPLETE lack of need for data storage this large in home PCs (or even to most extents business PCs), and the ridiculously low price of DVD (a format that fills the needs of ~95% of the population) and this "war" is going to last quite awhile. Even if one of the formats drops out, we still won't see large adoption rates for quite some time because frankly, most people are JUST FINE with DVD. People don't buy stuff because it's on the market, they buy it because they see a vast improvement or have a need for the product. Blu-Ray and HD-DVD aren't an enormous leap over DVD (when compared to the DVD over VHS improvement) and people just aren't showing much interest in any high-def format yet.

So, in short, go ahead and "rah rah" your format of choice. It won't make a damned bit of difference in the long run and you'll only look like an ass in the process.

 Show me an HD-DVD burner that can write faster than 1x and I will believe your claims about the Tech market.  Seriously, even multiple burning programs I have used make explicit references to Blu-Ray (not HD-DVD), not to mention the numerous well-priced Blu-Ray read only and decent priced Blu-Ray writing CD drives (and yes, these go above 1x, not sure if above 4x yet).

 I can buy blank Blu-Rays at Best Buy.  I didn't see any blank HD-DVD's last time I went.............I really think your claims about the tech market are incorrect here.

Uh, what did I say that was incorrect? That burners are barely on the horizon? Well, that's a pretty accurate situation given their pricing. Overall, the tech industry is dabbling in the formats, no one is bankrolling either one (except for Sony and Toshiba). Look at supposed Blu-Ray supporters like Apple and Dell. One isn't doing anything with the format and the other is barely offering it in anything. Like I said, the tech industry hasn't even weighed in yet.

Did I ever defend HD-DVD once? I re-read my post and I could swear that I didn't take a side in anything. And why did you even bring up speed? I never referenced it even once.

You can claim that I'm wrong about the tech market but all you have to do is look at various tech offerings and it's painfully obvious that I'm right. Sony and Toshiba are trying to push the formats but no one else is showing much interest. That's not to say that to say that no one offers anything for the formats, but the offerings are few and far between and NOTHING like DVD circa 1998.


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