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Captain_Yuri said:

The funny thing is, we already had a time when Valve did curate their store... And people hated it. Many excellent indie games and even some non-indie games wouldn't make it to the store or they will make it a long time after they have come out. So Valve tried to listen to the fans then and came up with Steam GrennLight which I still think the concept was a great one but of course, it eventually didn't go the way they wanted it to go. So Valve is once again trying to listen to the fans and trying to revamp their store but people are still like derp, they are bad.

It feels like what people think is gonna happen is that Valve is gonna turn on a switch and then boom, all the bad games will go away and only the good games will remain which will never be the case. If Valve really is starting to curate their store, it's not gonna happen overnight and plenty of good and some questionable games won't be allowed to come to the store on the way since that is how curation works. It's all subjective and It will probably take them a couple of years to fully revamp everything and get it working.

And of course, people's usual response is, but Valve is making billions! Guess what? So is every other company! Yet none of the other companies really have a really good service like Steam. Like you look at Family Sharing, Cloud storage that is done on a per game biases instead of a total amount and etc, that is only on steam. You don't see Origin and etc having all of that that and Sony's/MS's implementation is not only lolz worthy but also costs money...

Oh well. What can ya do...

I think at this point, there is no winning with those people. Those people that have disliked Steam and what they've done over the years aren't likely to change.

I know someone could say the same in regards to the other clients out there, but let's be brutally honest here, none of them have done as much as Steam has in inviting devs to their storefront and giving them support.

I just wish that the competition cared as much as Steam has over the years, but that doesn't look like it'll change either. EA is super happy with netting as few sales as they do on origin, while Blizzard seemingly ignores everyone else. Ubisoft is technically taking sales via Steam, since you ultimately need to use their client, which doesn't net a lot of sales from their own storefront (hence the "free" games they've been handing out, which are all mostly older titles that didn't sell well on PC to begin with).