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mhsillen said:
VGPolyglot said:

I second that comment, all the free games I have dowloaded thru his hard work.  A big thanks

If only we had enough time to play them all, right?

Chazore said:

I'm tempted to make a thread on why Steam isn't a magical and all powerful "monopoly", based on the fact that the other storefronts do jack shit towards gaining all the games that Steam has, as well as fully supporting indie devs.



GoG's business is making sure older titles work with modern OS's. They sell a few AAA games and some indie titles, but again, nothing of the same scale that Steam sells.


Everyone but GOG hasn't bothered to compete with Valve in terms of obtaining all the good non trash titles to their storefronts. Hardly any of them fully support the modding scene and they all mostly sell games they've own or publish. GoG still has a long way to go, but they are second to steam, while the rest sink below the two storefronts. 


GOG will never be able to compete with Steam for one simple reason: DRM.

Steam is a safe and not very intrusive DRM system, but CD Projekt has one simple with rule with GOG, and that is no DRM. Consequently, third parties don't want to put their new games at GOG because they fear of piracy and, without them, they'll never be able to compete face to face with Steam.

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