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Chazore said:

I'm tempted to make a thread on why Steam isn't a magical and all powerful "monopoly", based on the fact that the other storefronts do jack shit towards gaining all the games that Steam has, as well as fully supporting indie devs.


EA doesn't support the indie scene. Their store only has a tiny handful of non EA based AAA games and it absolutely pales in comparisson to the AAA games Steam has. EA has done nothign to rectify that.

Blizzard only sells Blizzard/Activision owned titles on their storefront. Nothing else and no mod support outside of SC I/II and WC III/FT, both of which aren't included with their game client/ You have to go to their online storefront in order to get that game and it's exp pack. THey haven't even gone out of their way to make it so you can play their oldest titles from their client either. 

Bethesda only sells bethesda published/owned titles from their client, which is already a very minute library on it's own.

Ubisoft sells their games on Steam, but requrie you to use their client. Their storefront sells a couple of indie supported games (a very small few), but the vast majority being sold are titles owned by them. like EA, they only sell a tiny handful of non Ubisoft owned AAA titles.

GoG's business is making sure older titles work with modern OS's. They sell a few AAA games and some indie titles, but again, nothing of the same scale that Steam sells.


Everyone but GOG hasn't bothered to compete with Valve in terms of obtaining all the good non trash titles to their storefronts. Hardly any of them fully support the modding scene and they all mostly sell games they've own or publish. GoG still has a long way to go, but they are second to steam, while the rest sink below the two storefronts. 


You want that "monopoly" to end?, ask for the competition to work their asses as hard as they can. They should be out there courting all the indie devs to sell from their store, as well as supporting them. They should all be aiming for as much mod support as possible. Steam has their Steam workshop, as well as forum guides for each game that allows for guides on outside modding. I don't care if anyone on this site doesn't give two shits about indie or mods, but I do, and I'll not see a company driven under because a few here don't care about those two aspects of PC gaming. I love indie games and I love modding them, especially AAA games that come out busted, where the modding community is basically a second safety net. 

I think Valve will get shat on regardless of what they do. Like they removed 150-200 "fake" games from steam and no one cared...


They remove one game with questionable material based on their investigation on the actions of the developer and everyone is like derp, Valve is terrible. It's like wtf...

Like k, I don't agree with the decision of removing the game but here's the thing. What do people think will happen if Valve starts curating their store seriously? When you have curators, games will be subjective af. If a Curator thinks something is meant for "pedos" and shouldn't be on steam, it will either be removed or not allowed on steam in the first place. But what will people's reaction is gonna be? Boo Valve!

On the other end, if they don't curate, guess what's people's reaction is gonna be? Boo Valve! It's laughable honestly.


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