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StarOcean said:
It's Valve's website, what they say goes. Pedophilia should not be tolerated in any way. Honestly Valve should have had it to where they track this games purchases and report them to authorities. That being said, depends on how much you want controlled and regulated or not.

What a nice moralistic statement, quite in contrast with what you said in that other thread about Israel/Palestine, where your solution is to murder every last man woman and child to solve the conflict. But hey don't let that stuff you said over there be a smudge on your profound wisdom.

As an excerpt here is your answer to someone else who seems to have the same mind set as you in that other thread:

StarOcean said:

GhaudePhaede010 said:
Honestly, the best solution is to kill everyone there and start all over. I know, that is inhumane but we all know that is the only true solution.

I actually agree with this

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In the afterlife if I get to be all powerful and mighty, I will torture and torment all humans to the end of time in the most evil and cruel way possible. In the meantime let's have a nice friendly time in the forum