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AngryLittleAlchemist said:

That's interesting. As someone who doesn't do PC  gaming as much as he'd like to, what makes Steam terrible? Aside from the very obvious problem of bad software and lack of moderation xD. 

Do we/will we ever have a store front that can rival it with better results? I know we got GOG but that's kind of different

GoG works on making older games playable on modern OS's, but outside of that they release a few indie titles and some AAA titles here and there, but not to the same number that Steam has going for it. GoG also lacks full mod support like Valve has with Steam workshop. Currently on Steam, there are two ways of modding a game:

1. Mod support via the steam workshop, where you can pick and choose what mods to subscribe to and have it downloaded for you.

2. Download mods from an outside source via that game's modding sub forum area (via the game's discussion hub).