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NintendoPie said:
DonFerrari said:

Yes do your praises to us...

So someone thinking it won't do over 24M is short-sighted, but somehow someone that is predicting over 24M is a genius?

What evidences are there that Switch will do over 24M?

Don, once again, I never said that someone who predicts 24+ million is a genius. Stop making falsities out of what I'm saying. You are supporting someone's arguments who claims themselves as overdramatic in another thread, which only further supports my statements. 

As for evidence, there is the report that Nintendo is looking to increase shipment passed 24 million next year (though unconfirmed), the fact that Nintendo consoles regularly have much higher spikes rather than long-selling lifetimes, the fact that the Switch continues to sell out and continues to have high demand in the US and Japan, and the fact that the Switch is set to hit a fairly high watermark in its first year, leading one to only reasonably believe that it'll do even better in the future.

Still your "evidence" to sell more than 24M isn't any strong than it not selling over 24M to call people that don't think it will do it are short sighted. If you are offending someone that is on one point of view aren't you giving props to the opposite side? Or is it even worse, that seeing it as 24M is natural and anyone thinking otherwise is just to dumb to notice?

TheBlackNaruto said:
DonFerrari said:

Not all 3DS owners are Nintendo fans... but sure they having 40M fans (if that was the case) doesn't mean it will sell 40M. N64, GC and WiiU sold less than 40M, all Handhelds sold more than it. And numbers so far indicate a better chance of Switch doing 70M than 40M.

True you do not have to be a fan to get the system nor does being a fan mean you will get one either his statement was just odd to me.....but then I would assume a vast majority of those 70million would be some form of Nintendo fan one way or another even if it was just for one game like Pokemon or something sure there are those who just bought it only because someone else said it was worth it but a majority I would ASSUME not for sure of course are some sort of fan of Nintendo.....but the dude who posted just seems upset to me....like a lot of his posts since joining the site not to long ago have seemed to be on a Nintendo hunt to down and talk bad about them for some odd reason.

Understand your point... but yes there are different level of fandom. I appreciate what Nintendo do and have a good time when I play some of their games, just can't make room on my gaming time for Nintendo against Sony.

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