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Errorist76 said:
Pemalite said:

4th console generation:
Super Nintendo: 49.1 million consoles sold.
Megadrive: 33.75 million.
PC Engine: 10 million.
Neo Geo: 0.98 million.
CD-i: 0.57 million.

Total: 94.4 million consoles sold that generation.

Fast forward to the 7th console generation (As 8th hasn't concluded yet):
Xbox 360: 84.4 million consoles.
Playstation 3: 80 million consoles.
Wii: 101 million consoles.

Total: 265.4 million consoles.

That means the 4th gen console market was only 35% of the size of the 7th gen.

With that... A console that sells 40 million pieces of hardware, regardless of generation is still a damn good achievement.


You’re just proving my point tbh. The console market grew to almost 300% the size. So 1/3 Of 40 Million is 13.3 Million. 13 Million 4th gen would have been slightly more than PC Engine. You call that a success?!

Your video game knowledge is also severely lacking the PC Engine sold only 5.8 million units.  So 13.3 million units is a lot more then slightly more then the PC Engine.  Also the PC Engine was actually a success in Japan since it sold 3.9 million units there it just flopped in the west.