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MrRoops said:

What did they have worth porting to console back then ?

Age of Empires.
Age of Mythology.
Flight Simulator.
Monster Truck Madness.
Rise of Nations.

Could also throw Starlancer and Black and White into the fray... And that is just off the top of my head.

Now Age of Empires 2 ended up on PS2... Mechwarrior has been on a couple consoles, but usually were remakes/remaginings/completely different titles in the franchise.

MrRoops said:

 Forza would do insane numbers on PS i'd love to see what that awesome franchise does on hardware and user base that would embrace the hell out of it.    I'd much prefer a MS made star wars game over EA lol. 

Halo, Gears seem to be in decline. Microsoft could of course pull a Call of Duty WW2 and have both franchises be the rave of the industry again with the sales to match, but that's a difficult thing to pull off.

Crackdown 3 Has drawn significant criticism already anyway, before release, doubt it will do well.

Which is ultimately the crux of the issue, all of the Microsoft-made Xbox One games are on PC anyway and aren't dominating sales charts.

MrRoops said:

I got a surface and it makes sense very good at what it does, but xbox just doesn't and i have one.  But won't be buying the next one, just not worth it.  To me X1 was the straws that broke the camel's back.     

I don't own a surface. I have self-built PC's.
Used to run Windows Phone until Microsoft neglected the platform, happily locked into Android now.

Xbox I keep buying for some reason. Don't ask me why, I haven't been happy with the platform since the early 360 days.