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Nintendo cant make mature games because they don't have the talent or experience and honestly they don't need to.their strength is cartoony games and they are sticking with it.Nintendo is very budget conscious company when it comes to their game development,they make their games on very low budget and sell them at 60$ .just look at all Nintendo's 1ST party games,not a single game is AAA high budget game and if they make a mature AAA game then their profit margin gonna drop like a rock because they cant sell those mature games at 100$. all the loot boxes in these AAA games are for a reason..Nintendo are a very smart and efficient company when it comes to game development.IMO everyone should follow Nintendo and make low budget AA games and sell those at 60$ to make some profit.i hope at least Sony(they have some small AA games but they should totally stop doing AAA single player games because its not good for the studio)and Microsoft follow Nintendo.