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Lawlight said:
Cobretti2 said:

Yer it got pretty ugly too. It was all in your face too. 

Too many hipster kids chanting shit they know nothing about i.e. it isn't fair everyone deserves equality in Australia rather than the right to marry. Last time I checked i am pretty sure our Government treats Aborigines like shit (i.e. just give them land and hope they stay there and not bother educating them) still even though they say they don't. Equality is a long way off in this country. 

Also attacking old people who don't agree. Like really? You can't train an old dog new tricks seems to not be taught these days. The person is like 60+ they will die sooner rather than later let them think what they want to think, life is too short to hate old people lol.

Aborigines have so many more benefits than regular folks. They’re very privileged. They just choose to squander the opportunities given to them.

Benefits are pointless if you can't give people the right tools to get out of a shit hole. They have lived like that for generations, they need more people intervention to help break a cycle.


it is no different to generational dole bludgers i guess.