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CrazyGamer2017 said:

I feel the same as I felt a year ago:
Most of the stuff he does I don't agree with but he's the only one that sees something's wrong with the muslims.
Or maybe he does not, maybe he is just as clueless about that issue as he seems to be with the other issues. Either way, Clinton would have embraced that dangerous religion which is worse than a guy that does not trust that religion but doesn't really do much about it.

Also Trump made me realize that a US President does not hold as much power as we might think he would when some nobody judge simply and easily overturned his ban on traveling to the US from a selection of muslim countries.

You know what...it's incredibly hypocrite and small minded to just be worried about islamic terrorism. Why single them out?! Religious extremism or extremism in all its forms is the real thread.

-How many people died by islamist terrorism last year in the U.S. ?!(and that would even be understandable seeing how the U.S. (and allies) have fucked up whole countries in the middle east in the past decades)
-And how many have died by other psychopaths?!

You see the problem of your world view? 

I can assure you people thinking in stereotypes, like you and Trump in that regard, will only make it worse!

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