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I hope if they do make DMC5, they take more from the first Devil May Cry than the others when it comes to level design.

You could see the clever resi nods by having to work where to go next via keys and light puzzle elements and be able to wonder around quite freely looking for secrets.

The game had some of the best and memorable boss battles that took place over several levels and who can forget the giant pirate ship?! That shit was amazing!

Although 3 and 4 saw combat improve, I don't think either lived up to the first game in terms of level design and boss encounter. Nor did any of them recreate a final boss battle as epic as the one against Mundus.

They need to take what they learnt from 1, add the combat from 4 and put it all into 5.

DmC didn't much for story. It messed about with canon, especially the heritage and legacy of what the brothers are and the parents. It may have added a political twist, but the edgy Dante wasn't any better.

It terms of gameplay and level design, it wasn't any better than 2 or 4. It may not have had the backtracking, but it was very repetitive. Linear hack n slash section followed by linear platforming section. Rinse, repeat and boss.

The best bosses were ripped straight from Suda 51 games like Lollipop Chainsaw and Shadows of the Damned and the combat never lived up to 3 or 4.

I love this franchise, but it has been dragged through shit. They cut corners with 2 and 4, and then they decided to go western with a reboot. All they had to do was take what made the game great and offer more.

I hope they keep other playable characters to a minimum unless it's a small section. They should keep the focus on Dante and allow you to build his stats, moves and arsenal. Only have backtracking of its done properly like in the original. Think of more cool shit like the pirate boat, the colosseum, enemies coming to live from paintings, bosses fights taking place across multiple levels and that sense of magic through atmosphere, exploration and puzzles.

Whoever said life to be like a box of chocolates clearly didn't know what he was talking about. 

Life is more like a game of bumper cars. At every turn there is a possibility you will get screwed.