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Airaku said:

I figured you were going to bring up the first DMC which I agree was far from perfect, along with Dead Rising. Though in Dead Rising's defense I still stand by the first game, a 360 exclusive not only being the best but also the most impressive for it's time. As fairly early on gen 7 release that came out in 2006 that game blew my mind. That was back when I was playing pretty much every 360 release since games were coming out so slowly and I got the console day one. I absolutely love that game but it feels as if Capcom could never recreate the magic since. Some say Dead Rising 2 was better but me, nah. Dead Rising was pure magic. Not to mention a lot of other games I've mentioned really seem to hit a mark even if they got ported down the road


I want to say that yeah, Dead Rising 1 has a unique magic that no other DR game managed to replicate, even if I did love Dead Rising 2 as well (then went a bit downhill from there). But I don't think Capcom's games focused on one single platform are always the ones getting the magical touch. On top of recent memory, Dragon's Dogma was developed as a multiplatform game and it was fantastic. And I've heard a lot of praise for Resident Evil 7, though I haven't played it myself yet. Somehow SFV and DR3, despite their exclusiveness (less so in the case of SFV since it is on PC too) were worse games than their counterparts.