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I know. It was a joke that seemed to pass some peoples heads. Though if I were to give a more serious opinion on the matter; I personally find find that Capcom is always at it's best when it fully optimizes one platform. At least with the exception of SFV from what I've heard, I skipped that one so I can't really give my opinion on it but stuff like the original DMC's, Resident Evil 4, Resident Evil: Revelations 3DS, The Viewtiful Joe games. It really shows that Capcom is really capable of juicing out the hardware when they focus solely on one platform. P.N.03 was also pretty fucking fantastic if I do say so myself. That's not to say that Capcom doesn't have amazing quality multiplat titles as well. Resident Evil 5 and 7 are great examples but over all you can really feel more quality when they focus one at a time. Though the architecture of the PS4 and Xbox One and even PC are all so close right now that I really don't see a reason why DMC5 can't be multiplat. Though if they chose one system and stick with it to juice everything they can out of it we could have one hell of a game. The Devil May Cry fanbase has a bit of a schism so it's going to be hard to please everyone and Capcom needs to make a very good impression with this game imho.  

You skipped out on DmC I take it?

I'm not so sure they are. I look back on Dead Rising and to an extent, Monster Hunter and even the original DMC (which wasn't really perfect for it's time).

If they were to use the juice, we'd have seen mind blowing games from them by now, but we haven't really all that much.


Capcom should just aim to release on at least PC/Xbox and PS4. If they settle for just PS4, then they have to hope for massive sales in order to make it back and more, then also realise that they alienated two other systems in the process. I know that if they skip PC, I'll simply skip them in the future. If a dev gives me the time of day, I'll give them my money basically. 


I skipped on DmC on Steam, mostly because it was the opposite of what I loved about DMC, and the creator practically shat on what the original DMC stood for. The added wig was more like a mock at fans of the original.

I figured you were going to bring up the first DMC which I agree was far from perfect, along with Dead Rising. Though in Dead Rising's defense I still stand by the first game, a 360 exclusive not only being the best but also the most impressive for it's time. As fairly early on gen 7 release that came out in 2006 that game blew my mind. That was back when I was playing pretty much every 360 release since games were coming out so slowly and I got the console day one. I absolutely love that game but it feels as if Capcom could never recreate the magic since. Some say Dead Rising 2 was better but me, nah. Dead Rising was pure magic. Not to mention a lot of other games I've mentioned really seem to hit a mark even if they got ported down the road.

As for Monster Hunter, that is one series I never really bothered getting into. I tried and I really struggled to get into it. Maybe another time but for now I can't comment on the quality of that franchise.

Capcom has been doing a lot better on PC than they have in the past. I don't see why DMC5 will skip PC. Even the exclusive SFV that Sony helped fund saw a PC port if I recall correctly. I also heard reports that DmC played beautifully and well optimized on PC.

Hmmmm I definitely need to disagree on everything you said about DmC. I would recommend trying it all the way through. It felt a lot more faithful to me personally than DMC4 was. They really nailed Dante's character and the core of his personality very well. With the game's intention of being a prequel there needs to be room for character growth. For Dante to become the Dante we all know. Something that actually does happen in the game. The little Wig thing at the beginning of the game was more of a homage and foreshadowing along with being a rather funny joke. I don't want to spoil anything but Dante absolutely does get his white hair legitimately in this game after he unlocks his true inner strength (an awakening so to speak). Same with Virgil. A lot of shit happens in that game and I really appreciated the nods to our society in the game.  The gameplay, the action, the humor, the story, all the DMC elements I loved were there. I would wager that it's probably my favorite DMC game, at least up there with DMC3: Dante's Awakening. Which the cliffhanger of this game directly ties into. If DMC5 is really planning to bring Virgil back, which I hope is the case. DmC really shows Virgil's point of view and why he did what he did in 3. A lot of fans like to call him evil but his perspective is hardly what one would call evil, perhaps misguided or corrupted is a better word. I felt the story was strong and fit nicely with the series. Despite some debatable inconsistencies I thought it was a good entry that added a lot of flavor to the series. Where DMC4 really disappointed me and I often wondered if Nero was even ever necessary to the DMC universe and if his plot was really needed. Perhaps DMC5 can make everything go full circle with Virgil's return.... maybe? I certainly equally curious as I am excited for this game.