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Chazore said:
Airaku said: 

Whaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaat?! Do you even DMC bro?

You'd love to see it go back to it's roots, when it's roots was always on Playstation. Only DMC 4 and DmC (2013) were multiplat titles initially. Not including HD remastered ports. I mean I get what you're trying to say but damn that shit was a walking contradiction.

By roots, I wasn't even talking about what system it first released on. I was on about return to gameplay roots.


And yes, I did DMC bro. I played 1-4.

I know. It was a joke that seemed to pass some peoples heads. Though if I were to give a more serious opinion on the matter; I personally find find that Capcom is always at it's best when it fully optimizes one platform. At least with the exception of SFV from what I've heard, I skipped that one so I can't really give my opinion on it but stuff like the original DMC's, Resident Evil 4, Resident Evil: Revelations 3DS, The Viewtiful Joe games. It really shows that Capcom is really capable of juicing out the hardware when they focus solely on one platform. P.N.03 was also pretty fucking fantastic if I do say so myself. That's not to say that Capcom doesn't have amazing quality multiplat titles as well. Resident Evil 5 and 7 are great examples but over all you can really feel more quality when they focus one at a time. Though the architecture of the PS4 and Xbox One and even PC are all so close right now that I really don't see a reason why DMC5 can't be multiplat. Though if they chose one system and stick with it to juice everything they can out of it we could have one hell of a game. The Devil May Cry fanbase has a bit of a schism so it's going to be hard to please everyone and Capcom needs to make a very good impression with this game imho.  

You skipped out on DmC I take it?