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Legend11 said:
naznatips said:

Yes, I'm jumping the gun a little. I'll admit that currently the direction of development is just the most likely scenario, rather than anything close to guaranteed. However, remember it took 2 years of bad sales for developers to realize they couldn't sell games on the PSP. So actually, SCIV is staying within the DS/PSP trends.

As far as what the Wii is getting from 3rd parties, you have NO CLUE. Stop saying they are all casual games, because last time I checked, you couldn't see into the future, and developmental focus has shifted within the last 2 months. So, how about we don't talk shit about imaginary games?

Yeah I look for good games, I just see too many racers, shooters, and sports games: None of which I play (other than the occaissional well made shooter, and all handheld shooters blow). But, again, we are far off track. Let's get back to the discussion.

So, since people like to simply dodge the reasoning and attack the Wii's current development trends, here are the only solutions I have heard and why:

PS3 or 360

-Pro: apparently movie game sales mean it will sell well? Graphics could be good.

-Con: very few systems sold, high development costs, graphics won't improve much for the increased cost, demograhic doesn't match well (this is a matter of opinion, but my personal experience is the majority of PS360 owners are between the ages 13-18. A few more up to 25), no Japanese sales

PS3 and 360:

-Pro: Graphics could be good, 2 systems combined wouldn't be far from Wii sales (other than in Japan, where the game is also popular), movie games sell well argument again (still not understanding this)

-Con: No Japanese sales, Square Enix has a history of keeping individual games in their major franchises exclusive (every FF game, every DQ game, and ever KH game) other than future remakes, doesn't match demographic well (even if you won't admit the majority is between 13 and 18, you can admit they have almost none of the under 13), high development costs, not far improved graphics over a Wii version

Wii, PS3, and 360:

Who are we kidding, this isn't gonna happen.


-Pro: large user base especially in the 2 areas the game sells the best (America and Japan), cheap development costs, matching demographic (under 13, over 18), graphically more than capable of displaying detailed and improved cartoon graphics

-Con: um... you guys don't like the Wii? Graphics won't be quite as good... you guys still don't like the Wii? If development began more than a year ago they won't cancel it now, oh and apparently because Spider-Man 3 didn't sell well, KH3 won't.


Anything you guys want to add to any of those categories?

Yeah, I'll add some more... Final Fantasy 13 is coming for the PS3 and will likely greatly expand the PS3s rpg audience. That *same* audience will likely buy the next Kingdom Hearts as well. So you can't honestly claim it wouldn't have any sales in Japan.

Also there may be other *unforseen* reasons why it might end up on another console. Wouldn't it be shocking if they announced it for the 360? Why did I mention that console? Well Microsoft has publicly stated they're going to try to get and make more games for a younger and casual audiences and they're also trying to get games that attract Japanese gamers. What would be a better exclusive to try to get than Kingdom Hearts that fits exactly what they're looking for?

Wouldn't you say Dragon Quest does the same for Nintendo audiences?  Even moreso the KH developers creating a DS game shows a reasonable connection to the Nintendo systems (obviously DS and PSP could still be an option).  Of course there are unforseeable situations such as microsoft paying for the game, but I would say that's an unlikely scenario.