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TruckOSaurus said:
I went with the Sony X900E 65" in the end. Now I just have to wait for the delivery which unfortunately is the December 20th

Damn why so long. I shoved mine in the back of the car at BestBuy.

Anyway congrats, I love the 65" model, really nice size for the living room. I figured out what I was doing wrong with Netflix turning the tv back on. On the tv it has an exit option (not on the ps4) use that to stop the app so it doesn't become active again after turning the tv off.

You'll probably figure it out but you have to enable HDR (I think it's called enhanced HDMI in the settings) and connect 4K HDR devices to either HDMI 2 or HDMI 3. HDMI 1 has a separate audio in option for legacy devices if you need that, HDMI 3 has audio return for amplifiers. HDMI 4 is just a normal one. I also use the legacy component video in option for PS2 and DVD. Even a VHS player through coaxial input. All sources look great.