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TruckOSaurus said:

For Christmas my husband and I have decided to offer ourselves a brand new 4K TV. Problem is, I'm not sure what to lookout for besides price and width. What brands are considered good or bad? What other options should I be asking for? Any electronics pros out there have anything to recommend?

Also is the PS4 Pro upgrade worth it once you've got a 4K TV?

I have the LG65C7V


The IR problem isn't really a problem on these 2017 OLED models as far as I have experienced.  The 2017's  7 series are quite a bit better than the 6 series of 2016 so don't be tempted to go budget for a previous year model.

The LG's use the same panel throughout the model range by the way.  So the C7 has the same panel as the W7 despite being half the price , still not cheap but worth every penny imo.  They also supply the panels for other manufacturers sets.


I'm not really here!

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