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What does this have to do with this debate? Or are you just going to the usual argument of sales even though no one was even debating that. Who even brought up the issue of which console is selling better?

The thread has been completely derailed by graphics discussions. I was basically insisting people knock it off.

But the sales argument is due to the fact that, last I checked, this is a thread about where KH3 will go and I believe that, due to the Wii's overwhelming sales, it'll be the Wii.

Oh is that why all the big 3rd party games are going to Wii? Oh wait a second...

Heh, no big games are going to the PS3 and 360 because development on them started more than a year ago. Developers are now getting terrified of the Wii, and scrambling to shift focus. Every company except Konami has anounced the Wii is their primary development focus. Konami has anounced they are working on a new hardcore Wii RPG.

The Wii is the DS ckmlb. The comparisons are so close it's scary. The 360 and the PS3 together are the PSP. Where is the 3rd party support 3 years down the line? Heh, well I'll let you go count for yourself. Where was it at first? Let's just say developers better hope that sales trends change and change fast, as their 3rd party bombed really hard on the PSP, while Nintendo was supported by first party. 2 years later the PSP is all but forgotten from the development standpoint. It's flooded with ports and remakes and 2 Square Enix games. Believe me, I have trouble finding anything to buy for my PSP. The last game I bought was Mega Man Powered Up. I have 2 Square Enix games to look forward to... and that's it.

If the Wii ends up with the kind of support the DS gets, I'm very happy with my purchase. If it doesn't, I'll still get the flood of great Nintendo titles the DS got, but I'm really not worried about it at all.

You're jumping the gun a little here. Really predicting the worse for hte 360 and PS3 and the best case scenario for the Wii.

All the publishers are focusing on the Wii but what kind of games are they making? Casual oriented ones. Hence the big games will come to PS3 and 360 still with spinoffs going to Wii and the casual stuff more and more going to Wii.

Just look at SC IV, they had a chance to make it on Wii but they announced it on 360 and PS3. Why? This game was just revealed and is extremely early in development and could have been shifted to Wii.

Edit: Also you only need to look to find the great games on PSP, but clearly you are not and resigning yourself to 'oh no only ports and two Square games coming'. Are you even looking?  

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