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Considering the movie's 300 million budget, OW is going to be a huge disappointment if it is below 100 million mark. I think this one is set for a colossal BO bomb https://imgur.com/kTyvfm8, unless enough audiences return to complement its B+ cinemascore over the coming week day frames and weekends. Since Thanksgiving weekend is around the corner, things might not look so presumably grim. But we are in a time where a movie that brings all the major characters from DC including (spoiler?) Superman opens 44 percent lesser than BvS and lesser than what SHO movie like Spidey 2002 grossed, let alone inflation adjusted. This is not good for WB, clearly not good by any remote means.

A part of it has to be blamed for the studio's clueless meddling with the director's vision. They have repeatedly failed to entrust to the director's creative ideas under Kevin Tsujihara with these DC characters since BvS, barring Wonder Woman. Zack has apologized for not being there to complete the movie for fans officially in a separate tweet. He would probably be horrified to see the butchered version of his PP/assembly cut or whatever was done before reshoots if rumors stating that he hasn't watched the theatrical cut yet, are indeed true. If BvS and/or BvS UE was what it was, they should have followed no course correction and instead allowed Snyder to continue/conclude with what he was pulling out with a 2 parter JL vision which did scream Darkseid without doubt. This is pretty much like the Lester/Donner fiasco of yesteryear. There has been multiple petitions in support of Snyder, demanding a Snyder cut which is rumored to be 3 hours as per reports.

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