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JRPGfan said:
Switch ~80k
PS4 + PS4pro 26k

Wow.... crazy Switch sales in jp.

You still can't just buy it like that either. They still have "lotteries" at stores that you have to enter for a chance to win the opportunity to buy a Switch. I was just finally able to get my hands on one from a lottery at a local chain store. Picked up the Red/Blue version along with SMO.

So is Gran Turismo not selling well? I was surprised when I went into that same local store chain I mentioned above and they had both the regular version and the limited edition version at about 40% off the retail price. Usually stores will discount stuff like 10% or so at release, but heavy discounts already? Didn't it just release last month? Quickly checked the Amazon JP price and the regular version was at almost 50% off.

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