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gcwy said:
There are still a lot of scepticism and misconceptions around it. 4K isn't a fad like 3D. It's the inevitable, next step forward in the progression of video quality.

I wish my cable company would catch on. Still sending 720p/1080i mpeg-2 shit and calling it HD. My 4K tv does an awesome job rendering all the compression artifacts!

1080p was never fully utilized. Modern 1080p tvs were perfectly capable of displaying 4:4:4 video, instead all video is still chroma subsampled to 4:2:0, which quarters the color resolution. 4K blu-ray only has 1920x1080 pixels for color (normal blu-ray 960x540). So even without the resolution increase you can still get 4x the color resolution on a 1080p tv with 4K blu-ray or streaming. (if that was supported, it's not)

Why does 4K look better on 1080p monitors than 1080p


I guess we have to wait until 8K tvs to get full color resolution at 4K!