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Machina said:
Ka-pi96 said:
If it's possible could you post details of the adjustments when they're done? Almost asked the same in the software thread, but there's probably too much going on and being adjusted for it to be worthwhile doing there. For hardware there shouldn't be too much to post though. Even if it was just something like "Wii U LTD reduced by x" that would be great!

I actually intend to post every game I adjust. I'll make a thread about it soon. I won't detail the precise figure changes, because that would take way too much time, but I'll be posting the titles, regions, whether they were increased or decreased, and from the changes to the totals anyone can go to the game page and see precisely how much it was adjusted by.

The actual figure changes is what I really want. I definitely recognise that would take way too much time on the software side though. Will still be good that you're posting all the other info, as you did already for the French adjustments though

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