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Pemalite said:
DonFerrari said:

To me the X1X is the prettier of the 3 in this pile.

Proves we have vastly different aesthetics tastes. :P But that's okay.
I personally like the original Xbox console, I like the clear plastics.

DonFerrari said:

The install on PS3 didn't bothered me much (even though GT5 took a good while to install), but certainly PS4 makes it a no issue for disc based (if you skip the patches).

Yeah. Sony certainly did the right thing with the PS4 in regards to installs.
Microsoft should really take note of it.

Well, different taste is good... and we do have some differences on our gaming preferences =]

a step in the good direction... to bad we know we won't go back to plug and play a disc, but certainly very close to the best we could currently get.

trasharmdsister12 said:
Is there room for one more in the club? I have mine but haven't opened it up. Will try to do so tonight and post some pictures. I didn't get a Project Scorpio edition because I wasn't sure I was even going to upgrade this year. But the trade in program for $200 for the original Xbox One was too good to pass on given no one was interested in buying it for $200 privately.

Hopefully I'll have my 4K HDR LG B7 in a week or two so that this and my PS4 Pro really get a chance to shine!

Enjoy your new gaming porn =]

Tmfwang said:
Pemalite said:

Some annoyances I have had:
* No 1440P support.
* Console isn't telling me what updates are available for games unless I attempt to launch the game.
* Still hate the UI. It's just not convenient to use with the UI scrolling left, right, up and down, hidden menu's, sub-menu's and so on.
* No Kinect Port. (Yeah yeah, I know. I enjoy using the voice commands to launch apps though.)

Otherwise... It's still very much an Xbox One, with all the good and the bad baggage that goes with it.
The External Hard Drive support is still amazing, Sony and Nintendo needs to catch on... Just plugged my drive in and... Up comes 250+ games already installed.

Also... Not sure I like the texturing on the new Xbox One controllers... Or if I am just used to the launch Xbox One controllers more uniform feel, see how I go over the next few days I guess.

You can use external hard drives on PS4 as well, just btw :)

The way both use the external HD is different (besides PS4 taking way longer to allow it)

kowenicki said:

Scorpio is a lovely thing... and so solid.  Coupled it up with my 65 OLED for console gaming perfection.

Arrgghh I cant remember how to post pics here...

Enjoy your prettier textures.

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