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Shaunodon said:
Bandorr said:

Kingdom heart is not a first party title. It has been on GBA, 3ds, and KH 3 is coming to XB1.

So both parts seem quite off.

I did specify "The Kingdom Hearts titles", and not series.

Seeing as there are still ones which haven't seen a non-PS system, including the two most relevant games in the series.

Like KH3.. that is coming to XB1? Also they came out around 15 years ago. "holding hostage" is like they came out in 2016 and they are a timed exclusive or something.

edit: All while missing the point. It isn't a sony IP. It is SE. They made a deal 15/16 years ago.

That is like saying Nintendo is holding the bravely default series hostage.

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