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X1Gates said:
the wii u was also doing well before everything went south of the border, lets not forget. We will see how well switch does when the eventual dry spell in games begins (similar to its dead baby brother Wii U).

The Wii U had like two months that were pretty good.  Two holiday months.  The sales then absolutely collapsed in January-February.  In 2013, it sold 3.1 million.  In the first 12 months - which includes it's launch, first holiday, and part of its second holiday - it sold around 5.4 million.  And the Wii U was abbundant as Nintendo unwittingly stuffed the channels.

As of the end of August - only 6 months - the Switch has blown past that and is at over 6 million.  And those 6 months include no Holiday months.  And it launched in March.  And it was pretty badly supply constrained in most major markets.